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Why Choose Us?

3page_img7SkyClass operates from Rand Airport.

Furthermore, SkyClass provides top-tier dining and meeting facilities to all of its clients and even provides a resting place if needed. With a full concierge service available on request and the best personnel in the industry, SkyClass is sure to provide the most enjoyable flying experience to even the most demanding customers.

A professional Service and First Class experience

Every VIP and executive requirement is met to suit the needs; from arriving through a private/VIP access gate, lounge access, to boarding and taking off at your convenience. SkyClass is a fully flexible charter operator with unrivaled service levels to which repeat customers are testimony to its unparalleled success.

Key Personnel

The SkyClass management model is proud to operate on the best-fit hiring basis while ensuring its personnel caters to its customers’ every travel and executive requirement. Testaments to SkyClass’ on-going success are the current team members who are top-rated industry professionals proud to assure 100% on-time departure on all aircraft, which are nonetheless maintained above industry standards.

Our Clients

Our clients consist of businesses, corporations, families and individual travelers looking for a memorable flying experience. Whether it be the Executive Charter Division (SkyExec) or the Classic Airline Charter Division (SkyClassic), travelers and partners in the aviation industry consistently choose SkyClass over the competition to provide their charter, travel and executive or VIP requirements. Why? Simply put, SkyClass is the only company that is sure to provide a one of a kind flying experience. Taking pride in not only meeting but also exceeding its clients expectations serves as testimony for the primary reason why clients choose SkyClass as a preferred supplier for their aviation requirements.

Flight Operations, Safety and Aircraft Maintenance

SkyClass is equipped with a fully operating Aircraft Maintenance Organization that unequivocally passes all Civil Aviation Authority regulations and audits. Its Flight Operation Section is composed of professionals with decades of experience in flight safety, reliability and efficiency. Moreover, all SkyClass pilots proudly possess a minimum of 20 years of flying experience.

Safety is unquestionably paramount in all aspects of SkyClass operations and proudly abides by all laws and edicts in aviation practices. Our entire staff is highly trained to maintain latest industry standards and promote the all encompassing safety of the aviation industry, its customers and staff.

Maintenance is routinely conducted by the SkyClass Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO Certificate number 1075). In addition, all scheduled and necessary maintenance on its fleet of aircraft is consistently performed in accordance with each aircraft’s manufacturers’ Maintenance Schedules.